About Us

Costly wheelchairs are among the many challenges faced by many Ethiopians with a physical disability. According to the International Rehabilitation Review, nearly 10% of the world’s population has disabilities, of which 80% live in developing countries. Most of those in developing countries do not have access to rehabilitation services due to a lack of resources and other various factors.

Bamboo Things plans on designing wheelchairs framed entirely out of bamboo, creating an affordable product that can increase accessibility for those living with physical disabilities.

Why Bamboo

As a fast-growing grass that requires significantly less land and water, Bamboo can absorb 5X more CO2 and release up to 35% more oxygen than a tree. With the ability to be harvested after only 4-5 years and re-grown easily, bamboo is considered one of the more sustainable materials of the 21st century. Ethiopia has the largest area of bamboo in Africa with over 1 million hectares of land covered with bamboo.

By producing sustainable wheelchairs out of bamboo, Bamboo Things can achieve 3 pillars of impact:

Reduce carbon footprint and the number of toxins released into the atmosphere.

Improve the livelihoods of individuals and communities because the material is widely available and affordable.

Create local jobs and strengthens the Ethiopian economy.


Wheelchairs can be hard to come by in Ethiopia. With bamboo, fiber, resin and other additives, we have built the first prototype wheelchairs framed entirely out of Bamboo. Together, we can begin to bring affordable wheelchairs to the market to increase accessibility among Ethiopians.


Founder, Abel Hailegiorgis